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Meet Jenna Lamont:

Owner, Brazilian/Brozilian Waxing & Facial Specialist

 Experience the pinnacle of skincare and relaxation with Jenna, a seasoned professional in the world of esthetics. With an impressive 20 years in the field, Jenna is not only a Certified Esthetician and Medical Spa Technician but also the visionary creator behind the Up + Down Waxbox  experience. Celebrating 12 years in the vibrant community of South Surrey/White Rock, Jenna has set the standard for excellence in skincare and spa services.

Known for her expertise in Brazilian/Brozilian waxing and facial treatments, Jenna brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping clients look and feel their best. As the owner of Up + Down Waxbox , she has cultivated a space where beauty meets tranquility, providing a haven for those seeking top-tier esthetic services.

Discover the difference that two decades of dedication and innovation can make in your beauty routine. Whether you’re a seasoned spa enthusiast or a first-time visitor, Jenna Lamont and the Up + Down Waxbox  team invite you to indulge in a world of pampering and rejuvenation.

Meet Carolyn MacLean:

 Spa & Wellness Director

Introducing Carolyn, the visionary at Up + Down Waxbox, where her expertise transcends traditional boundaries. With a foundation in Brazilian waxing, Carolyn embarked on her journey five years ago, honing her skills and establishing herself as a true Waxpert. Today, she stands as a certified Spray Tan Artist, accredited by Nuda Canada, and a master of Brow Laminations through Lash Up Pro. Beyond aesthetics, Carolyn is a Reiki Level 1 practitioner, seamlessly integrating holistic wellness into her repertoire.

Not only is Carolyn a luminary in the spa industry, but she also brings a strategic mindset to her role, backed by a diploma in marketing management from Langara College. Her multifaceted talents and dedication to her craft make her an indispensable asset to the Up + Down Waxbox team. Join us in experiencing the transformative touch of Carolyn’s artistry as she continues to elevate the spa and wellness experience to unparalleled heights.

Meet Sharleen Burke:

Spa Coordinator/ Esthetician & Wellness Specialist

Meet Sharleen, our esteemed Spa Coordinator, dedicated Esthetician, and seasoned Wellness Specialist. With a wealth of experience dating back to 2001, Sharleen has not only honed her skills as an Esthetician and Makeup Artist but has also proudly graduated from the renowned John Casablanca.

For the past five years, Sharleen has been an integral part of our team, bringing passion and expertise to the realm of skincare and pampering. Her love for all things spa is evident in her role as our go-to Waxing, Facial, and Body Wrap Specialist. As a self-proclaimed skincare junkie, Sharleen stays on the cutting edge of industry trends, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch and up-to-date treatments.

Beyond her technical proficiency, Sharleen is a warm and inviting presence at our spa, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation. Join us in experiencing the personalized touch and extensive knowledge that Sharleen brings to every spa session, making each visit a truly indulgent and transformative experience.

Meet Rebecca Morley:

Brazilian & Body Waxpert, Lash & Dermaplaning Technician

Discover the seasoned expertise of Rebecca, a distinguished professional in the beauty industry for an impressive 30 years. Beginning her journey with a foundation in Cosmetology, she has seamlessly blended her skills in hair and skincare, becoming a trusted name in the community.

Beyond her prowess in beauty, Rebecca is renowned as a high-level marathon runner, exemplifying discipline and dedication in all aspects of her life. In 2021, she brought her wealth of experience and passion to the Waxbox team, elevating our spa services to new heights.

Rebecca specializes in waxing and lashes, delivering precision and finesse in every treatment. Excitingly, she will be introducing dermaplane treatments to our menu in early 2023, offering yet another avenue for radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Seize the opportunity to experience Rebecca’s expertise by booking your Thursday appointments with her. Immerse yourself in the transformative touch of a seasoned professional who brings not only technical excellence but also a commitment to enhancing your beauty and well-being.

Meet Anjela Williams:

Medi Esthetics Facial Specialist + Trainer

Anjela is a proud mother of three, and a Certified Esthetician with over 15 years of experience. Having worked in and around the lower mainland, she has gained valuable experience thriving in a high-end environment. Her specific love for skin care and spiritual well-being individualizes the way she caters to her clients, taking into account stress and diet, while focusing on natural remedies.

At  Up +Down WaxBox, pride emanates from the heart of our spa, centered around our exceptional team of talented experts. Each member is a dedicated artisan of beauty and well-being, collectively weaving a tapestry of expertise that transforms every client experience into a moment of indulgence and rejuvenation. Our team brings not only technical skill but also a genuine passion for enhancing natural beauty and promoting overall wellness. We take immense pride in curating a team that shares a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every visit to our spa is an encounter with skilled professionals who elevate the art of pampering to unparalleled heights.

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Spray Tanning, Waxing, Lashes, and 30 Minute Facials in White Rock, BC,

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