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30 Minute Facials, 30 Minute Wax, Brazilian Wax, Dermaplaning, Vajacials. Choose 2 treatments and be done in one hour!



Get glowing with facials at Up + Down WaxBox! Our pros tailor treatments to revitalize your skin, tackling aging, acne, or sensitivity. Using top-notch products and cool techniques, we’re all about restoring that natural glow. Regular facials amp up circulation and collagen for long-term skin health. Chill in our serene salon while your skin gets the love it deserves. Embrace the glow-up – your refreshed, luminous complexion awaits!


Ditch the razor drama – Brazilian waxing at its finest! Say bye-bye to unwanted hair from the bikini, labia, and bum area. Go wild with customization – thin landing strip or martini glass triangle, your call! Unlike razors causing bumps and stubble, this is your ticket to a smoother, longer-lasting result. Perfect for beach vibes or hot tub hangs. Regular sessions mean hair regrowth gets thinner over time. Ready to embrace a hair-free and smoother you? 


Skip the rush, focus on the glow! Brazilian Wax appointments are a breeze, but let’s talk about the real hero: preventing those pesky ingrowns! Keeping your kitty pretty takes effort, but we’ve got your back. Effortless and manageable – because your glow-up should be drama-free!


Glow like a sun-kissed goddess at You Glow Organic Spray Tanning by Waxbox!  Let our Waxbox Girls weave their magic with NUDA Canada spray tan for a tropical vibe or a fab natural glow. Benefits? Picture this: a beachy tan without the sun damage, in just minutes! Get your bronzed brilliance on – it’s the secret to an instant vacay look!

Goddess Process

Embrace the Goddess Process for a flawless wax! Prep at home: shower, exfoliate lightly, and trim to 1/4inch (size of a rice grain), no shorter. Advil helps, skip caffeine. Numbing cream option! Arrive calm for a chat-filled, fun session. Panties off for a drip-free wax! Essential oil gel, baby powder, and temp-controlled wax – my magic trio. Flip for bum perfection! Witch hazel and Aloe soothe, and voilà! Allow 12 hours before hot tub fun. For post-care, I’ve got PFB Vanish/Carrioff to keep ingrowns at bay! Ready for a goddess glow?


Our UP + DOWN WAXBOX Bryght Skin Lightening treatments effectively target dark spots, including acne scars and melasma. Our products, registered with Health Canada & FDA, prioritize safety and are cruelty-free. Hyperpigmentation, a natural skin darkening process, is unveiled, with triggers like UV radiation and genetics explained. Results are based on recommended sessions (minimum 3, up to 10) for a radiant transformation.


Transform your lashes from subtle to stunning with lash extensions! Say goodbye to mascara struggles and hello to a fuss-free flutter that lasts. Our lash experts work their magic, customizing the length and style for your dream look. Wake up looking effortlessly glam, save time, and embrace the lash love. It’s not just an appointment; it’s a lash affair waiting to happen! Book now and let your eyes do the talking.


Ditch the razor and embrace the silky smooth results of a professional waxing session at our salon! Our skilled estheticians use gentle techniques and quality products to ensure a comfortable experience. Bid farewell to stubble and enjoy long-lasting, touchably smooth skin. Book your waxing session now and step into a world of effortless beauty!

Brozilian Waxing

Hey Bro! Get ready to redefine smooth with our Brozilian Waxing Specialists! Gentlemen, it’s time to bid farewell to unwanted hair and embrace a new level of confidence. Our skilled team ensures a comfortable experience, leaving you with irresistibly smooth skin. Say goodbye to the razor and hello to lasting results. Book your Brozilian wax now and step into a realm of confidence and sleekness. You deserve it, man!

Located on East Beach White Rock with lots of FREE parking! 🌴☀️

Spray Tanning, Waxing, Lashes, and 30 Minute Facials in White Rock, BC,

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