We are your Brazilian & Brozilian Waxing Specialists!!
Located on East Beach, White Rock  BC

The Goddess Process…

  1. Shower & lightly exfoliate at home.
  2. Trim hairs to 1/4inch (about size of a a grain of rice), no shorter for less tangle and discomfort. Allow at least a week and a half after last shaving..
  3. A couple of Advil about an hour before can alleviate any discomfort. Also avoid caffeine prior to your appointment.
  4. If highly sensitive a natural numbing cream can be added about an hour before treatment. Pure’s Pharmacy cream takes 30 minutes to kick in!
  5. Arrive calm and be ready for some fun chatting, thus taking your mind off your box! Remove panties to avoid wax drips.
  6. Now my job begins…. pre-depilatory gel of essential oils is applied to area.
  7. Baby powder (pure cornstarch) is placed on area to prevent any skin from lifting.
  8. A thin layer of temp controlled soft &/or hard cream wax is applied with a wooden popsicle stick to a small section to begin.
  9. A medium cotton wax strip is pressed onto the warm wax with skin pulled tight before pulling.
  10. This process is repeated with a comfortable speed due to each clients tolerance leaving desired style.
  11. Once the front area and labia are complete, time to flip over and remove any hairs in the bum area.
  12. Witch hazel and/or Aloe is smoothed on to calm down any redness then voilà!  You are done, almost…
  13. Allow at least 12 hours for the pores to close before sexual activity or hot tubs 0:-)
  14. I use pfb Vanish/Carrioff, a topical Roll-On  to prevent ingrown hair & skin irritation caused by waxing!