The ​MicroBlading Process

Microblading is a multi-step process in which skin is slightly opened and pigment is implanted in the skin in hairlike strokes using a microblade (which is not a blade but actually a small row of tiny needles grouped together).

The first step in this process is a patch test. This takes only about 15 minutes and will give us an idea of whether you may have an allergy or sensitivity to any of the products we are using before we put it on your face. This step must be done a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 1 week prior to the actual service but may be waived if you would prefer to get right to the first session
The first session establishes the general new brow shape and color after we discuss your brow goals, though the color will gradually darken a few shades over the next 24 hours, then lighten up over the following week. At first, the new definition and color will seem intense but will soften and lighten up quite a bit. At the end of this session your new brows will be about 80% complete though you may think they are already great!

The last step is the touch up. This happens a minimum of 4 weeks later and up to 8 weeks in some depending on age and a few other factors. In this step we refine and perfect your new brows by reinforcing the existing strokes, adding additional strokes or adjusting the color slightly.

Microblading @ Waxbox

Your eyebrows are one of your most important features and time consuming. It is not a service you buy, but the trust of an experienced professional who shapes your beauty. ​Located in South Surrey White Rock BC!!​

Hey! It’s me, Heather
Makeup artist for 10+ years, cosmetic tattoo artist for almost 3 years and lash artist for 2. Your beauty needs are covered!
In 2009, I became certified in Makeup Artistry. For years I freelanced, worked cosmetic counters and did repping for some amazing beauty brands. In 2016, I took a leap of faith and became certified in eyebrow microblading and opened up Heather Dyck Beauty. A few certifications and many faces later, here we are!


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